It's time for discount codes to die

Like us, you probably feel the same frustration as other high-volume online retailers trying to capture the most immediate value from shoppers.

You want absolute clarity. You want more control.

Conversion rates are falling in spite of using the very best practices in email marketing, retargeting, conversion optimization and even discounting.

Inevitably, the result is huge untapped value that is lost to confusion and an industry average abandonment rate in excess of 70%.

Cohort captures much of this untapped value by transforming the cart experience in a way that enables shoppers to indicate what they are willing to pay for items that would otherwise sit idle in their shopping cart.

Instead of biding their time for a discount, consumers can explicitly offer to make a purchase at a specific strike price and preauthorize a purchase in case the offer is accepted by the retailer.

Online retailers receive thousands of preauthorized offers representing enormous untapped GMV that Cohort allows you to immediately capture in cohorts or one-by-one, with a guaranteed 25x ROI for your brand, every single time.

The shopper experience has evolved but the shopping cart has not. Increasing cart activity can lead to as much as 400% more GMV, healthier sell-through across your inventory and a rapid expansion of your turnover to match your growth goals.

The ability to strategically sell out any inventory without having compromise on margins while also being able to powerfully impact cart conversion represents a massive opportunity for retailers looking to reach and surpass their revenue goals.

The Cohort team is currently welcoming pilot partners ahead of our go to market. Shopify Plus merchants are welcome to sign up for the beta to use Cohort for free for up to a year.